Between Terminals A-East and B

October 18, 2007 - May 2, 2008

Many years ago, ceramist Larry Donahue of Wilmington, Delaware, acquired a large collection of identical small white porcelain ladies heads. Although porcelain is his typical medium of choice, the heads were not his artwork, merely in his possession. But Donahue was intrigued by their accumulative presence and he began to think of ways to alter them to give them individual identities, yet remain part of a singular idea. He decided to create various personas for each head. Many were inspired by celebrities like Keith Richards, the Spice Girls, and Vera Wang. One byone, Donahue adorned the heads with found objects. Some feature plastic golf balls, chopsticks, rice bowls, coffee stirrers, rope, even pretzels-anything that might lead to an interesting and unique composition.

For Donahue, this series has developed into a creative experimentation, an intuitive free form visual investigation that allows him a certain freedom where anything goes. It is a collection to be viewed en masse so that his thought process and sense of humor can be fully appreciated and fully enjoyed in all of its various incarnations.