Terminal D

June 11, 2007 - February 11, 2008

Philadelphia area artist Heather Mae Erickson is known for her white porcelain dinnerware. She is influenced by both mass produced industrial design as well as traditional techniques of wheel-thrown porcelain. Her work is a synthesis of design, functionality, and aesthetics where each component is equally considered. Erickson creates tableware that stimulates the senses visually, tactually, and conceptually. As dinnerware, these objects are meant to be touched, held, and used everyday. They are an extension of ourselves as we partake in the daily dining ritual.

For Erickson, her designs are intended to enhance dining through the quality, uniqueness, and beauty inherent within each object as well as the simplicity and eloquence that is evident throughout the overall ensemble. Her carefully orchestrated compositions are like a family of objects where there are established relationships among the forms. It is this interaction between the individual, the objects, and the food that creates an extraordinary dining experience.