Terminal A-West

January 15, 2010 - July 26, 2010

The artists whose work is represented in this exhibition are inspired by nature. In particular, they are inspired by natural plant forms that they gather while working in the garden, walking in the woods, or cooking in the kitchen. These artists see the creative potential for natural materials to transform into 3-dimensional decorative objects such as containers, handbags, jewelry, masks, and shoes. Any plant material – grass, leaves, pods, seeds, sticks, and tendrils, even coffee beans, fruit peels, herbs, peas,  peppercorns, and rice – can be used. The list is endless. Once dried, the various materials are often painted – usually with nail polish, gold leaf, and spray paint – or they can remain in their natural state depending on the artist’s design and objectives. But all of the objects are extremely fragile and usually nonfunctional as a gold chain might be constructed of small painted lentils or shoe heels made from magnolia fruit. It is the imaginative use of the materials, originality, and craftsmanship that are key to creating these unique objects of art.