Terminal D

February 15, 2008 - September 16, 2008

Philadelphia artist Lindsay Feuer creates porcelain sculpture inspired by forms found in nature. While Feuer's objects feature familiar naturalistic references they are mysterious in their totality. Each sculpture is built one section at a time from organic objects that she has cast in porcelain. Feuer intuitively joins the cast objects together to create forms that are simultaneously animalistic, aquatic, and botanic. They are exotic, hybridized species grown from Feuer's imagination.

A distinguishing characteristic of the work is that the sculptures remain entirely white, without glazes to reinforce the beauty of the overall form as well as emphasize the variations in texture and intricate detail. It is this overall whiteness that also makes the work seem preserved and specimen like. What appears to have been once alive with delicate curling tendrils or buds ready to blossom are now frozen in time.

Adding to this illusion of reality is the seamlessness of her craftsmanship. She has said that her work "appears born rather than made." It is this commitment to her artistic vision where fantasy merges with reality that makes the work most intriguing.