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March 17, 2018 - October 2, 2018

On January 9, 1793, French aeronaut Jean-Pierre Blanchard made the first air voyage in America when his hot air balloon left from Philadelphia and landed near Woodbury, New Jersey. The flight was approximately 15 miles. This was Blanchard's 45th ascent. George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, James Monroe, Betsy Ross, and Thomas Jefferson all attended the historic event.

"Mr. Blanchard the bold Aeronaut, agreeably to his advertisement, at five minutes past ten o'clock yesterday morning rose with a balloon from the Prison Court in this city, in preference to an immense concourse of spectators, there assembled on the occasion.

The process of inflating the balloon commenced about nine o'clock.—Several cannon were fired from the dawn of day until the moment of elevation…and the balloon began to ascend slowly and perpendicularly, whilst Mr. Blanchard waved the colours of the United States and also those of the French Republic,…the balloon rose to an immense heighth and then shaped its course…

Anxiety for the safety of the Aeronaut was painted on every face from the time the citizens lost sight of him, and various were the conjectures as to the place where he would descend.

About half after six o'clock last evening we were happy to meet Mr. Blanchard again in this city going to pay his respects to the President of the United States.—He informed us, that the voyage lasted forty-six minutes, in which time he ran over a space of more than fifteen miles and then descended a little to the eastward of Woodbury in the state of New Jersey."

Excerpts from
American Daily Advertiser, January 10, 1793