Terminal C

September 15, 2006 - April 17, 2007

Since 1966, Philadelphia artist Robinson Fredenthal has been creating small-scale geometric cardboard models based on the questions: What can be created with cubes? What happens when cubes stand on their corners or are cut, rotated, and stacked? Over a 40-year period, Fredenthal has designed more than 3,000 models that creatively investigate the seemingly endless 3-dimensional possibilities. Each resulting form is unique. All are hand-cut and meticulously fabricated.

Art critic Paul Richard eloquently stated, "Fredenthal's thought is like a tree; it branches and it penetrates and it leads he knows not where. One Fredenthal is not enough. It is better to see hundreds. Their differences, their echoings, their complex conversations suggest an orchestrated growing." It is within this mass of models that Fredenthal's life-long artistic exploration exists and is fully appreciated.