Terminal F, Concourse 2

June 30, 2004  - January 3, 2005

In 1977, Judy Gelles took a photography class because she wanted to "take the perfect baby picture" and record her children's lives. But unlike the traditional family album that features special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and vacations, Gelles chose to photograph her family's daily lives. She has described it as "the hidden events" that all families share in common-middle of the night feedings, toilet training, babysitters, dirty dishes, messy rooms, and family relationships. These ordinary activities became her source of inspiration.

The photographs also feature Gelles's handwritten journal entries. They are descriptions of the scene from the mother's perspective and often, with a sense of humor. Some twenty-five years later, this series still resonates as marriage, families, and children are universally timeless.

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