Terminal A-West

November 10, 2008 - June 4, 2009 

Much of Michael Grothusen's sculptural work is based on his interests in architecture, mechanics, and engineering-albeit from an artist's point of view. These underlying principles are merely points of departure as his work combines aspects of these practices in varying forms, depending on his initial concept. Grothusen is often inspired by structures and objects like scaffolding and building materials-construction elements that are typically hidden and overlooked as temporary, even mundane. He exposes the infrastructure, the process of building to allow the beauty of the design, pattern, or inner workings to remain visible. His work is never a literal replication, but there is always a comforting familiarity to his visual references. Grothusen's sculpture often alludes to functionality typically structural like a framework or vessel. This allusion to functionality is primarily based in his choice of materials and visual references but it is also reinforced by the implication of a physical energy-either real or inferred. Yet, as always, its purpose is to be pondered and what remains is an open-ended wonderment about the objects as well as the experience itself.