Terminal A-West

April 17, 2008 - September 26, 2008

Ceramist Chris Gustin creates large-scale clay vessels characterized by their curvaceous forms and earth-toned surfaces. He has said, "Although most of my work alludes to function, I use the pot context because of its immense possibilities for abstraction." Gustin's vessels embody a sculptural beauty and eloquence beyond utility as each pot, bowl, or bottle is an exploration of form, not function. His work is wheel-thrown, hand-built and altered to create asymmetric undulations, hollows, and bulges that suggest torsos, bellies, dimples, or body folds. As a result, there is an underlying sense that each vessel is in a state of transformation slowly evolving into a living being. These subtle human attributes create an immediate, almost instinctual connection between the viewer and the object.