Between Terminals C and D

August 7, 2007 - February 26, 2008 

In 2001, Philadelphia artist M. Ho created her first installation made entirely of Post-it notes. She is intrigued by the simplicity and commonality of this universal commodity. Although an ingenious invention, the traditional square yellow Post-it note is not typically considered to be aesthetic. For Ho, it is the challenge to transform such a mundane object into an experiential and memorable artwork. Her compositions are created over many days as thousands of Post-it notes are intuitively placed. The artwork literally grows, one after another, like some kind of natural phenomenon.

Ho is also inspired by traditional Chinese brush painting including its predominant subject matter the landscape. She has said that brush painting "is the ultimate example of an art form that gets maximal expressive vocabulary from very minimal means." And, she has made another interesting connection between brush painting and the exhibition site itself that features a very narrow and elongated wall. She noted that the space reminded her of the experience of unrolling a scroll painting as it similarly requires the viewer to move laterally through it. These are just some of the references that influence Ho's unique aesthetic and intuitive process.

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