Economy Parking Advisory

‚ÄčEffective Sunday, September 23, beginning at 12:00 AM, there will be 2 bus routes serving Economy Parking in order to provide quicker service to and from the Airport terminals. The Red Route will serve Shelters 8 through 16 (parking aisles A through M).  The Blue Route will serve bus Shelters 1 through 7 (parking aisles X through Y). Please be sure to check and remember which route you are on. For further assistance, contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority at PHL at 215-683-9842.

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Terminal E

June 27, 2003 - December 1, 2003 

Philadelphia artist Evelyn Keyser has been creating figurative woodcarvings for over 50 years. Keyser is known for her mastery of the direct carving technique. She will start with a block of wood, often mahogany or pine, and then skillfully remove material using a chisel. Keyser's figurative sculptures are elongated simplified forms with an emphasis on the silhouette. In this particular series, the depth of the figures are extremely thin yet fully three-dimensional. Keyser's interpretation of the figure is reminiscent of African and Egyptian sculpture, and other non-Western art forms that did not strive for naturalism. Like these artistic influences, Keyser's sculptures embody a sense of timelessness and are universally symbolic.