Between Terminals C and D

May 12, 2009 - December 7, 2009 

Philadelphia artist Mark Khaisman is known for his innovative use of regular packing tape as his artistic medium. To Khaisman, his tape art is analogous to painting - the 2-inch strips of tape are his wide brush. His canvas is a back lit, clear acrylic sheet with layered packing tape applied to its surface. Orchestrated layer upon layer, Khaisman carefully controls the texture and density of the tape to create specific shadows and depth. Amazingly, and only upon illumination, emerges a recognizable image - a large portrait, a group of interacting figures, or most recently, scene stills from the movie genre known as film noir. Khaisman has said that his struggle is to render familiar images in the most direct and simple way using a universally recognized material and light. However, it is his uncommon use of tape and his mastery of the process that captures the imagination.