Terminal B

May 13, 2004 - November 12, 2004

Beth Lipman is known for her recreations of centuries old still life paintings into three-dimensional glass installations. In this particular installation entitled Enzo's (2001), Lipman was inspired by an anonymous still life pastel hanging in Ristorante da Enzo in the small town of Apiro, Italy. While visiting, she dined at Enzo's every night-a place that she has described as humble, intimate, and sparse-and the food exquisite. As a remembrance, Lipman re-created this quintessential pastel three-dimensionally in glass-bunches of grapes (some draped over the table's edge) are composed with apples, pears, vases, a plate, and a water glass. This transformed still life has become Lipman's memento of her time spent in Apiro.