Terminal F, Concourse 3

March 19, 2009 - October 12, 2009 

Philadelphia artist Tim McFarlane is an abstract painter who works on canvas and paper. His work is known for its colorful and multilayered compositions that feature loosely painted ladder-like elements. In much of his work, the slender ladder forms are densely overlapped, bending and leaning slightly suggestive of figures pushed together in a crowd. McFarlane is able to create a sense of humanity within a field of geometric patterns.

In his most recent series Phenomena, McFarlane creates a singular form seemingly floating overtop the picture plane. Here, nature is the primary source of inspiration as undulating, coiled brushstrokes are the dominant gesture. Some resemble swirling organic masses while others appear less dense with interwoven layers of color. McFarlane has described his works on paper as "distinct bodies of visual investigations that are on a parallel, but individual course."