Terminal A-West

October 3, 2008 - April 27, 2009 

Philadelphia area artist Brian Meunier creates clay sculptures that join recognizable objects in unexpected combinations. Often vertical in stature, the sculptures typically feature elements stacked atop one another such as two large hornets standing on an Ionic columnar base or a tortoise carrying an antiquated tank-like submersible on its shell. It's as if Meunier is tinkering with nature, re-creating and transforming animals into evocative mythical creatures that are part nature and part man-made. The pairings are whimsical although mysterious, surreal, and unexplainable in their origin. Meunier's sculptures are a journey of the imagination and aptly titled after a 13th-century cosmography written by the Persian physician Abu Yahya zakariz'ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini. It is this sense of wonderment and reverie for all things considered that inspire Meunier's artwork as well as create an engaging experience for the viewer.