Terminal F, Concourse 2  

January 18, 2010 - August 9, 2010

Philadelphia artist Miriam Singer describes her work as "intuitive maps." Her works on paper are collages where she combines imagery, markings, and fragments of partial prints to create visual diaries of her daily travels throughout the city. She works obsessively - from one week to one month - on a single collage. She carries it with her at all times, literally folded up in her bag, so that she can draw at any moment. The physicality of the paper - its ragged edges, multiple folds, even tears - not only indicate heavy use but become part of the work's own history and a true reflection of its map-like nature.

As Singer's collages grow over time, the accumulated imagery becomes layered and dense. Although there are many recognizable elements - buildings, bridges, streets, and buses - they are often rendered in stylized outlines to quickly capture the ever-changing landscape. The overall density of marks creates colorful patterns that emulate a sense of chaos and disorientation, feelings that are often associated with urban life. Yet, as you visually meander through Singer's work, there are many wonderful and unexpected discoveries.