Between Terminals A-East and B

August 10, 2006 - February 18, 2007

Philadelphia artist Warren Muller is known for his lighted sculptures created from an assemblage of found objects. They are everyday things that he has collected over time-small statuary, jars, wooden crates, wheels, brooms, tubing, tools, and clamps. Most of the objects will likely be included in an artwork, if and when its form and color are intuitively deemed necessary. Within his artwork, Muller has reassigned each object's intended purpose in order to accentuate its overall sculptural form and beauty.

Muller's smaller freestanding works are typically composed of a few select objects. When joined together, the found forms create an interesting, often enigmatic dialog that engages each viewer in personal and unpredictable ways.

Warren Muller's sculptures are created out of his Philadelphia studio and showroom called bahdeebahdu (ba-DEE-ba-DOO)-an unusual name that was once the name of his neighbor's dog. He was later told that it means "I give you, you give me." Shared with his partner RJ Thornburg, an interior designer, bahdeebahdu has enabled Muller to create very large works including a 15-foot chandelier. From chandelier to smaller lighted sculpture, Muller's work can always be characterized as part whimsical, part sublime.