Between Terminals A-East and  B

May 9, 2008 - December 12, 2008

Philadelphia artist Lisa Murch is known for recreating nature using materials including clay, papier-mâché, and wire in combination with everyday materials like seedpods, cotton swabs, packing peanuts, toothpicks and cereal. Her sculptures are realistic and typically feature clusters of larger-than-life plant, animal, and insect forms. Each is made of numerous repetitive, nearly identical objects such as a school of fish, an army of frogs, and a trail of ants. Her use of found materials lends a sense of humor to the work - ants made from seedpods and sea urchins from toothpicks. But it is Murch's skillful and seamless integration of natural forms with artificial elements that transforms the work into a magical fantasy as each ecosystem is thriving despite its unnatural existence.