Terminal F, Concourse 1

November 14, 2007 -  May 27, 2008 

Many of us are inundated with mail order catalogs but they are Leslie Mutchler's inspiration. Particularly the home furnishing catalogs from stores like IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and West Elm where contemporary design and new lifestyle trends are at the forefront. Mutchler methodically gleans through these catalogs looking for specific furnishings such as cabinetry and shelving. She is intrigued by the proliferation of storage units and the array of mass-produced choices-a quick, yet stylish fix to a more organized life. From each catalog, Mutchler cuts out the products that she responds to for use in her drawings, collages and most recently, digital prints. She typically uses a repetition of the same object or suite of objects throughout each piece. Sometimes the imagery is stacked or overlapped but it always floats within a white background without any context to scale or the furnishing's original environment.

Mutchler's playful compositions of cabinetry and shelving appear to unite and evolve into towering hybrid products and architectural forms of fantasy. They are monuments to our consumer driven obsessions.