Terminal B

October 13, 2005 - May 2, 2006 

Philadelphia artist Amy Orr has created a series of quilts made entirely of commercially produced twist ties. Orr's contemporary quilts are based on traditional quilting techniques. They are similar in dimension, hand-sewn, geometric in pattern, and, like her quilting predecessors, she uses scrap materials to create the finished work. Orr's twist tie quilts are also labor intensive. Each edge of each twist tie is highlighted with oil pastels to enhance the overall pattern with subtle streaks of color. Meticulously placed, the twist ties are then sewn with needle and thread to a supportive cloth backing.

It is Orr's unconventional choice of material that dramatically changes the meaning and aesthetic of the quilts. Her non-functional works of art pay homage to traditional quilt making within an imaginative contemporary context.