Terminal F, Concourse 3

September2, 2005 - March 29, 2006 

Philadelphia artist Michael Rossman is known for his exclusive interest in drawing. Using graphite as his primary medium, Rossman's work is characterized by his innate sense of mark making, most often, an extensive series of lines from which a landscape will emerge.

Rossman has established a visual vocabulary that is simultaneously abstract and representational. It is systemized yet spontaneous. His drawings appear to be created, built-up, and realized in a natural, organic way like the landscape itself. Rossman has said that he uses the line to see and to better understand the forms and spaces within his scope of vision. His drawings provide a glimpse of his thought process as energized marks and feverish lines reveal an intriguing spatial complexity.

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Pictured at right: Reams Valley Series #1, 1992, graphite on paper