Terminal C

February 5, 2005 - September 12, 2005

Warren Seelig, a long-time Philadelphian, currently lives and works in Rockland, Maine. Seelig's work is rooted in the textile and fiber arts-mediums that incorporate physical, often tactile materials. In his recent Shadowfield series, the work has evolved into a three-dimensional textile as a structural stainless steel grid supports an abstract pattern of repetitive objects.

In Stone Carpet/Shadowfield, Seelig has collected 1,032 rocks from Owl's Head, Maine, to create a textural field of color, rhythm, shapes, patterns, and shadows. Seelig has fabricated 172 stainless steel units that suspend the rocks at various angles and depths. Each unit has 6 prongs and each prong supports 1 rock. The overall repetition of rocks creates a unified mass that appears to be hovering off of the wall. Although static, the obsessiveness of the composition embodies an intangible energy as the rocks appear to defy gravity, to float, to almost flutter like a flock of birds.