Terminal B
May 7, 2010 - November 29, 2010

Philadelphia artist Shannon McLaughlin has created a whimsical series of pet portraits based on her innate love of animals. She draws animals of all kinds but primarily smaller species like chipmunks, ferrets, hamsters, hedgehogs, rabbits, and squirrels. Each is hand drawn on a piece of wood - a cross section of a tree with its bark still intact. She typically portrays a single animal amidst a bright, colorful background surrounded by images of the animal's favorite food - acorns, pinecones, crickets, kiwis and more.

As an owner of five pets, McLaughlin is surrounded by animals all the time and, as a result, her "exotic critters" as she calls them are natural subjects for her work. For many, five pets would be more than enough, but not for McLaughlin whose exotic pet illustrations fulfill her desire for even more little friends.