Terminal F, Concourse 2

July 7, 2006 -  February 20, 2007 

Philadelphia artists Shelly Inez Lependorf, a painter and printmaker, and Stan Shire, photographer, began their artistic collaboration in 2003. Each with their own respective medium and aesthetic, their collective creativity emerged through the use of digital technology. Like traditional landscape painting and photography, Lependorf and Shire respond to landscapes that feature an "optimal quality and direction of light." Many of their chosen locations are on the East Coast including Philadelphia, Lancaster County, the Chesapeake Bay area, and Hudson River Valley. They specifically search for landscapes where the forms, rhythms, and patterns define the overall composition. In this particular series "Horizon Fields," the landscape typically culminates at the horizon line-what the artists refer to as the "place of change" or "transformational zone."

After Lependorf and Shire find an ideal location and wait for perfect conditions, the landscape is photographed and then digitally altered to further refine and accentuate certain elements. This final digital mediation completes their artistic vision and their perception of a particular place and moment in time.