Terminal A-West

June 10, 2009 - January 25, 2010

Philadelphia artist Marisha Simons creates large-scale fabric environments that are inspired by her interest in nature. She is known for her screen-printed silk panels suspended in overlapping layers. Her imagery of trees, flowers, grass, and various plant materials are rendered using simplified graphic shapes to capture each form's universal essence. The panels are composed in groupings, and when viewed in their entirety reveal a landscape such as a forest or, as seen here, a marsh.

Simons' landscapes are imprints of what existed and Marshland is a tribute to the land now occupied by the Airport - once a vast tidal marsh. Simons has re-created the site as it might have been with water, cattails, irises, grass, and trees featured prominently on the white silk. The veiled landscape is a serene and tranquil place to visually meander. It is a poetic reminder of the continual interaction between nature and humanity both past and present.