Terminal F, Concourse 3

April 7, 2006 - November 1, 2006 

Philadelphia artist Samantha Simpson is known for her large-scale, cartoon-like paintings on paper. Simpson's work typically portrays imaginative stories of wild animals set within a lush exotic landscape. Her colorful, stylized, and elaborate renderings are reminiscent of contemporary animations that feature personified animals and sophisticated story lines often layered with complex societal issues about beauty, gender, power, and the environment.

In Exotic Narrative, Simpson's story features an antagonistic badger, a myriad of monkeys and grey squirrels, and a rare Prevost's Squirrel with its beautiful tri-colored fur of black, white, and red. But within this colorful and seemingly idyllic scene there is conflict, love, jealousy, dominance and eventually a compassionate, yet somewhat aggressive, resolution. Exotic Narrative is a visually rich fable that is beautifully painted and simultaneously entertaining and poignant with characteristics familiar to both animals and humans.