Terminal F, Concourse 2

February 22, 2007 - September 17, 2007 

Philadelphia photographer Amy Stevens celebrated her thirtieth birthday by buying herself a cake decorating kit. Stevens was fulfilling her longtime fascination with the artistry and precision of beautifully made cakes. She wanted to create the perfect cake-wonderfully delicious, exquisitely crafted, and artistically decorated. It would be a spectacular object that would evoke awe and admiration.

Stevens quickly realized, like any art form, cake making is exacting, requires practice, and great patience. After failed attempts, it seemed her quest for the perfect cake was not within her realm of talent. Although disappointed, Stevens did not stop baking. Instead, she decided to create cakes unique to her aesthetic impulses. Now, she makes cakes that are visual experiences. They are cakes to be photographed, not consumed.

Stevens' reinvented confections are intentionally humorous by virtue of their unorthodox presentations. They are typically posed in front of colorful, patterned fabrics. Often, the layers of cake are off-center, sometimes crumbled, with icing that has been applied hurriedly and obsessively. Stevens has chosen to embrace, even emphasize these confectionary imperfections to create fun, vibrant photographs that ultimately celebrate her individuality and creativity.