Between Terminal C and D

June 21, 2004 - November 29, 2004 

Philadelphia artist Karen Stone is an impulsive collector of everyday objects. In 2001, Stone began collecting discarded soles of shoes from a local shoe repair shop. Stone has created several installations using shoes and soles, reconfiguring them differently to relate to the specific exhibit site. 

For this presentation at the Airport, she has interspersed vinyl tiles and outdoor carpeting like patchwork to suggest an aerial view of the urban landscape. Hundreds of worn shoe soles have been rhythmically placed overtop of the flooring material to imply motion-a metaphor for the millions of people that cross paths traveling from one place to another. She has also included numbered yellow mile markers that frame the installation suggestive of transit, travel, the passage of time, or number of pedestrians. This assemblage of objects and materials represents a collective of human histories, common experiences, and individual journeys.