Terminal A-West

The internationally renowned architectural and design firm Venturi, Scott Brown and Associate Architects (VSBA), Philadelphia, has created a site-specific montage that features their favorite buildings from around the world. Like VSBA's design philosophy, their fantasy city embraces an eclectic mix of traditions, cultures, and styles from the monumental to the everyday, from popular culture to high art, from ancient to modern.

VSBA is currently comprised of 30 architects and designers who collectively worked on this project. The diversity amongst their choices and their imaginative assemblage exemplifies the firms' characteristic playfulness and unexpected influences. From Randy's Donuts, and Lucy the Elephant to the pyramids of Egypt. As well as local favorites-City Hall, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and PSFS, VSBA engages you to accept the disparity and enjoy their popular taste in world architecture.

Throughout VSBA's broad spectrum of work (past, present and future), large or small, from decorative arts, architecture, city planning, and education, it is their artistic diversity and pioneering ideas that continue to influence architects and designers worldwide.

Featured on right: VSBAville: A Fantasy City, photo credit Philadelphia International Airport

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