Terminal C
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist Cavin Jones is a painter, muralist, and collagist whose figurative work is inspired by American history, particularly the African American experience. Jones has said that his work is "a catalyst to stimulate thought and promote discussion about various issues prevalent in society." His dynamic compositions often feature contrasting elements that as he says, "infuse the paintings with layers of meaning and associations."

In his series Portraits (Gold Paintings), Jones's original paintings feature a solid field of gold metal leaf that silhouettes, envelops, and accentuates the figures. The gold adds a shimmer, a sense of worship and empowerment. Jones's paintings straddle the historical and contemporary as the gold is a result of his fascination with Pre-Renaissance religious paintings while the figures are distinctly modern.

Jones's portraits with their details, colors, and painterly qualities, emphasize and embolden the figures amidst their all-gold backgrounds. It's the viewer's associations with each persona combined with the gold environment that further informs one's perception and interpretation of the depicted narrative.

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"Eric" by Cavin Jones