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Philadelphia artist Charity Thackston has created a series of snack foods, mostly the sweet and savory kind, in ceramic. Some are universal favorites—glazed donuts and pizza. While many represent Philadelphia's most beloved snack foods from "wooder" ice (water ice or Italian ice as it's called outside of Philly), soft pretzels, locally made Tastykake Krimpets and Herr's potato chips to the more curious cartons of Arctic Splash—a lemon flavored iced tea described as the "unofficial symbol of one Philadelphia neighborhood: Fishtown."

Thackston has aptly titled this series Foodjawn—jawn is Philly slang that refers to a person, place, or thing. It is an all-purpose word that means whatever the user wants it to mean. And, once Philadelphians embrace anything—a food, a word, a pronunciation, or phrase—it becomes part of our collective identity.

Thackston's ceramic representations of "grab-and-go" snacks are commonplace foods of popular culture. She has replicated them in multiples, over and over, to emulate their accessibility and our never-ending craving for convenience.  


Charity Thackston Foodjawn