Between Terminals C-D
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist King Saladeen has created his largest painting installation to date currently on view at Philadelphia International Airport. Saladeen’s art is motivational and energetic. His paintings are filled with vibrant colors, shapes, patterns, markings, and text, along with representational imagery that includes his trademark JP the Money Bear and Philadelphia’s skyline. The work represents his passion to inspire as he says, “Dream Big, Love What You Do!” A message evident in this epic four-part painting.

Saladeen created this artwork partially in his studio as four paintings scaled to the proportions of the four gallery walls. The original paintings were scanned, printed on vinyl, and adhered on site. Over two nights, Saladeen painted atop the vinyl to complete his vision. It was an amazing performance to watch as he intuitively added more colors, shapes, and details until it was deemed complete.

My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is through art.”    

                                            King Saladeen


King Saladeen: Create Your Gold