Philadelphians telling stories about their neighborhoods

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Scribe Video Center is a nationally recognized media arts organization that provides training and equipment to underrepresented community groups, emerging video artists, media activists, and promotes the media arts as tools for progressive social change.

Founded in 1982 by award-winning documentary filmmaker Louis Massiah, he states that "as a filmmaker, I am very interested in people who have made a conscious decision to dedicate their lives to work toward a higher, more civilized humanity." It's this same vision that has guided Scribe's mission to empower others by teaching individuals and community groups how to use digital video, film, audio, and web-based production so that their voices, their stories can be told.

This exhibition features selected videos from the Precious Places Community History Project that was "conceived as a way to enable neighborhood groups to celebrate their unique histories and as a menas to address current day societal concerns." For more than 3 decades, Scribe has worked with first-time filmmakers to create documentaries that "give voice to the local experience, provide knowledge and expertise—to become the author, not just the subject, of their neighborhood's history."