Tenant Design Manual

Tenant Design & Construction Manual

As part of the ongoing design and construction programs at Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airport, the City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation Design and Construction Engineering Department has developed and adopted “The Philadelphia Airport System Tenant Design and Construction Manual." The Tenant Design & Construction Manual describes the codes, standards, details, products and practices to be followed by tenants, design and construction teams. This document applies to all design and construction at all facilities overseen and managed by the Division of Aviation. The Division of Aviation reserves the right, as Owner and Operator of all airport facilities and land on which tenant building or structures are constructed, to reject any design or work that does not comply with the requirements of The Tenant Design & Construction Manual.

All tenants and subtenants are required to obtain written approval from the Division of Aviation for all improvements, alterations and additions to their leased space and Airport property prior to commencing work.

The Tenant Design & Construction Manual has been developed to assist tenants and their design and construction teams in understanding the practices and policies that must be incorporated into each project. It is encouraged in all cases that tenants establish ongoing communication with the Division of Aviation during their design and construction phases to ensure that their facilities comply with all of the appropriate design standards and criteria.

Tenant Design & Construction Manual
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