ARFF Regional Training Center


Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport’s Aircraft and Rescue Fire Training Center. 

Located on three acres at Philadelphia’s International Airport (PHL), the training center is convenient to transportation and hotel accommodations.  

Operated by the Philadelphia Fire Department, it is our mission to provide safe, professional training to airport firefighters, and to those firefighters in jurisdictions serving airports. The certified and experienced staff strives to provide a high quality experience in the classroom, and in the hands-on firefighting evolutions.


The PHL ARFF Training Center is comprised of a Fuel Spill Fire Trainer (FSFT), and a Specialized Aircraft Fire Trainer (SAFT). The FSFT consists of a Boeing 737 mockup, and 125’ diameter grid with individually controlled fire zones. The apron surrounding the FSFT allows for tactical maneuvering of large airport apparatus. The SAFT consists of a 75’ Boeing 737 mockup with 12 individual fireplaces. Both trainers are computer operated and propane fueled.  A three-story building on location provides a classroom, restrooms, control room, and equipment storage.

The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Center enables ARFF personnel to meet their federal live-drill requirement, and provide real-life training scenarios. A computer operating system allows fire instructors the flexibility to create a variety of scenarios and maintain total control of fire development, growth and extinguishment. To assist with firefighter safety the system includes integrated air, gas, and temperature sensors. The sensors detect unsafe conditions, and trigger a system shutdown. Fire Scenarios can be customized to meet your specific training needs. Up to 20 students can be accommodated for effective one-day live burn training.


The scheduled season for annual burn training is April through November.

Sessions begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 4:00 PM.

Airport Annual Live-Burn (AAB):  The course is structured to meet the standards of the FAA, Title 14, CFR, Part 139 annual live-burn requirement.  Airport firefighters will be provided with the necessary classroom lecture, and live fire exercises to meet the annual training requirement. The PHL ARFF training center is capable of training to FAR Part 139 - Index “E”.


The Airport Firefighter Certification Challenge is normally scheduled in September. Please contact us for the specific date. Insufficient enrollment may cancel this class.

Upon approval of the application, a candidate takes a 100 question written test, and the nine practical skill tests. Upon successfully completing the written and skills test, the candidate obtains an Airport Firefighter Certification from the Office of the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner, National Professional Qualifications Board (PROBOARD), and The International Fire Service Accreditation Counsel (IFSAC). Certain candidate prerequisites apply: Fire Fighter II Certification, and Operations Level of NFPA 472 Standard for Professional Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials.

For additional information please view the PHL ARFF brochure .


Captain Patrick Sweeney
Philadelphia Fire Department
(215) 937-7935

Philadelphia International Airport
Fire Training Center
C/O Engine 78
#13 Hog Island Road
Philadelphia, PA. 19153


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