The purpose of an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), is to incorporate environmental values into decision making by weighing the environmental impacts of proposed actions and considering alternatives to those actions.   An EIS includes a statement of purpose and need, a description of the affected environment, a range of alternatives, and an analysis of the impacts imposed by a project.  Once the EIS is finalized, a Record of Decision (ROD) is issued and recorded with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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PHL Parcel G Development Categorical Exclusion, May 7, 2019
​​PHL Consolidated Support Facilities Project, Environmental Asssessment FONSI, July 27, 2018

PHL Consolidated Support Facilities Project, Environmental Assessment, July 19, 2018

PHL Runway 9R Approach Light Pier Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment FONSI, June 28, 2016

PHL Cargo City Reconfiguration – Written Re-evaluation of Environmental Impact  Statement,   Sept. 4, 2015
​         Written Re-evaluation and Record of Decision
         Appendix A – Environmental Technical Report

PHL Fort Mifflin Sound Insulation Program EA Feb 2015

PHL Runway 27R High Speed Exit Taxiway Project - CATEX, June 29, 2011

PHL Electric Light-Duty Service Vehicles – CATEX, March 15, 2011

PHL Fuel Farm Expansion Project – Environmental Assessment FONSI, September 28, 2009

PHL Hydrant Fueling System Project – Environmental Assessment FONSI, August 7, 2009

PHL Terminal F Expansion Project – CATEX, March 18, 2009

PHL Terminal F Preconditioned Air Project – CATEX, February 5, 2009

PHL US Airways GSE Electrification Project – CATEX, February 5, 2009

Runway 17-35 Extension Project Record of Decision 2005

PHL Runway 8-26 FONSI – Environmental Assessment FONSI, September 22, 1994

PNE Corporate Aircraft Hangar Environmental Assessment FONSI, August 19, 2016

PNE DeSimone Property Release Project – CATEX, December 15, 2010

PNE Taxiway Rehabilitation Project – CATEX, August 3, 2010

 Public Notice for Permit Renewal

For more information on projects that have been assessed for environmental impacts under NEPA, including categorically excluded actions (CATEX), please contact the Planning and Environmental Stewardship Department at 215-937-6062.