The Philadelphia International Airport (the “Airport” or “PHL”) Rules and Regulations Manual (“Rules and Regulations”) is published under the authority contained in Sections 4-500(c) and 8-407 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, which empowers the Department of Commerce to make regulations governing the use and control of the Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) has issued Federal Aviation Regulations (“FAR”), which require Airport Management to establish operational procedures to meet FAA requirements for airport certification. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has issued Transportation Security Regulations (“TSRs”) that require each Airport operator to institute certain security measures.

The primary purpose of this manual is to provide Airport users with a single document representing a compendium of rules, regulations, procedures and general information governing their activities at the Airport. The objective of this manual is to promote the safe and efficient use of the Airport facilities.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Preface

Section 2 - General

Section 3 - Aircraft Operations

Section 4 - Airfield Vehicle Operations

Section 5 - Other Operations

Section 6 - Fire and Safety

Section 7 - Airport Security: For information relating to this section, please contact Airport Security at 215-937-5452

Section 8 - Operating Permits/Fees

Section 9 - Common Use Terminal Area

Section 10 - Ground Transportation

A - Regulations for Expressive Activity

B - Reserved

C - Airport Film Policy

D - Electric Cart Regulations

E - News Media Procedures

F - Tours and Special Events

G - Violations and Fines

H - Airport Rates and Charges