1. Approval of Subleasing Plan: Submitted by MarketPlace Philadelphia LP, (MPLP) to City 60 days prior to each lease year (coincides with City Fiscal Year – June 30).  If City and MPLP fail to agree within 60 days, plan is submitted for dispute resolution.  Considerations for development of subleasing plan:

 a.  Program Analysis:

          i.     Sales potential

          ii.    Space availability

          iii.   Space required to satisfy requirements of traveling public.

          iv.   Space supported by forecasted enplanements and sales

           v.   Estimated rent

b.  Space allocation:

          i.     Food and beverage

          ii.    Newsstands

          iii.   Specialty retail

          iv.   Services

          v.    Adjacencies and design

c.  Goal-Setting:

         i.      Merchandising/uses

        ii.      Budget

        iii.      ACDBE participation

        iv.      Local/national brand mix

        v.      Competition/maximize diversity of subtenants

2.  Identification of Prospective Subtenants by MPLP:

a.  Desired mix of brands, concepts, and services

b.  Community outreach, research, and networking

c.  Industry knowledge and relationships

d.  Direct marketing by/to prospective subtenants

e.  PA UCP listing of certified ACDBE vendors

f.    Encouragement of competition through diversity of subtenant population

3.  Cultivation of Prospective Subtenant Interest:

a.  MPLP cold calls

b.  Meetings and conferences

c.  Advertising

d.  Outreach/workshops

e.  Dissemination of information:

        i.     Sales history

        ii.    Passenger enplanements

        iii.   Passenger demographics

        iv.   Established subtenants already in program

4.  Proposal Processes:

a.  Proposals invited when appropriate:
          i.     Sent to multiple prospects
b.  Proposals exchanged when appropriate:
          i. With multiple prospects
         ii. With single prospect, e.g.:
             • Sole source subtenant (e.g. one-of-a-kind product or service )
             • Existing subtenant renewal
             • Time constraints

5. Prospective Subtenant Evaluation:

a. Track record, business history
b. Financial capacity
c. Managerial and operational strengths/weaknesses
d. ACDBE certification and/or participation
e. Airport retail experience
f. Other relevant experience
g. Provide competition and diversity

6. Selection Process

a. Evaluation criteria as set forth in 5 above
b. Economics
c. Design
d  Reputation and experience
e. Acceptance of sublease terms
f.  Other considerations:
          i.  Desired brand
         ii.  Desired concept, product, or service
         iii. Enhancement to PHL image
         iv.  Potential impact on other subtenants

7.  Negotiation with Selected Subtenant:

a.  Financial terms
b.  Use clause
c.  Construction scope
d.  Term (length of agreement)
e.  Other sublease terms and conditions 

8.  Approval:

Negotiated sublease submitted for concurrence prior to execution to the following:
1. Law Department
2. Deputy Director of Aviation Finance/Administration
      a. ACDBE/Compliance
3. Deputy Director of Aviation Property Management/ Business Development
4. Deputy Director submits to Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia International Airport with recommendation.

 9. If concurrence is received, Sublease Executed by MPLP

 For a PDF copy of this information please click here.