Philadelphia has a predominately humid climate, modified by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 60 miles to the east. Characterized by warm summers and fairly mild winters, the area's annual precipitation averages 41.3 inches (with annual snowfall averaging 21.7 inches).

Today's weather

The Airport typically experiences 6 days per year when snowfall of one inch or greater occurs. The mean minimum temperature in January, the coldest month, is 25.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and in July, the hottest month, the mean temperature is 85.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

VOR - Air navigation for pilots in poor weather

In terms of Aviation weather, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions prevail 90.5 percent of the time while Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions prevail approximately 8.8 percent of the time. The Airport is closed the remaining 0.7 percent due to poor visibility conditions (PVC).

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