Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is comprised of 7 terminals. In the secure area past the security checkpoints, all terminals and gates are accessible. The checkpoint at Terminal B is open 24 hours; checkpoint hours vary at other terminals. TSA Pre-Check lanes are available at Terminals A-East, C, and D-E. Terminal C is Pre-Check only. There is no Pre-Check lane in B or F. Check here for hours of operations for the checkpoints and TSA Pre-Check lanes.

Airline Terminal Locations

Aer Lingus - Terminal A-East

Air Canada – Terminal D

Alaska Airlines – Terminal D

American Airlines operates flights out of Terminals A-West, A-East, B, C and F (American Eagle). Be sure to check your departure terminal and gate before you come to the Airport if you are flying American Airlines.

American Eagle – Terminal F

British Airways – Terminal A-West

Delta Air Lines – Terminal D

Frontier Airlines – Terminal E

Icelandair - Terminal A-West

JetBlue – Terminal E

Lufthansa – Terminal A-West

Qatar Airways – Terminal A-West

Southwest Airlines – Terminal E

Spirit Airlines – Terminal E

United Airlines - Terminal D