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Volunteer Information Program
Philadelphia International Airport
Executive Offices - Terminal E
Philadelphia, Pa. 19153
Phone: 215-937-7809    Fax: 215-937-6908

What is the Volunteer Information Program? VIP Benefits
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What is the Volunteer Information Program?

While traveling by plane and visiting an unfamiliar Airport can be an exciting venture, it can also be stressful and confusing. That is where a Philadelphia International Airport volunteer becomes a VIP. Imagine arriving in the Airport and not knowing your gate location, where to pick up your baggage or get something to eat, rent a car, catch a shuttle service, page someone, locate a wheelchair or look for a flight on a monitor. Imagine a VIP seeing the confused look on your face, approaching you with a warm smile and gently asking, "Can I help you?" Imagine the relief and welcome feeling that washes away your anxiety. Imagine being the VIP that made this confused stranger feel at home.

Mission Statement

The Volunteer Information Program at Philadelphia International Airport, through its dedicated corps of volunteers, provides friendly, helpful assistance to the more than 30 million travelers who use the Airport every year. This is accomplished through gracious volunteers providing information on how to locate services and facilities as well as answering questions.

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VIP Goals
The following are goals of the Volunteer Information Program:

  • To welcome travelers and visitors to Philadelphia International Airport
  • To provide assistance and information in a friendly, timely and courteous manner so as to make travelers' and visitors' stay at the Airport pleasant and relaxing
  • To project a warm, friendly and hospitable impression of the Airport, city and region
  • To assist Airport staff and fellow volunteers in carrying out the goals and mission of the Volunteer Information Program 

VIP Qualifications

  • Friendly, outgoing personality
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Ability to approach and communicate comfortably and articulately with a wide diversity of individuals
  • A desire to get actively involved in a challenging and interesting volunteer program
  • Ability to interact with fellow volunteers and work in a team environment
  • A willingness to learn about all aspects of the Airport and be informed about tourist and cultural offerings in the Philadelphia region
  • Reliability - Volunteers should commit to at least 8 hours per month
  • Dedication - Volunteers should commit at least 6 months to the program after training
  • Punctuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Be physically able to perform the duties of the job 

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 VIP Duties

  • Meet and greet travelers and visitors with a warm, caring and knowledgeable presence
  • Assist visitors in navigating the Airport smoothly and locating gates, services and amenities
  • Answer questions about Philadelphia International Airport’s services, facilities and amenities as well as know where to find the answers to travelers’ and visitors’ questions
  • Provide valuable feedback for the improvement of facilities and services
  • Assist with Airport special events, airline inaugurals, special projects and other Airport-related activities
  • Conduct airport tours for school children, organizations and special groups 


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 VIP Benefits

  • Free parking any time in Employee Parking Lot
  • PHL concession discounts
  • Volunteer social functions
  • Meeting and socializing with volunteers who have similar interests
  • The satisfaction that comes with helping others
  • The gratitude of the thousands of passengers served every day 


VIP Commitments

  • Attend a comprehensive training session
  • A commitment to teamwork
  • Willingness to follow instructions as well as give and accept feedback
  • Volunteer at least 8 hours per month. Program hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM seven days per week
  • Be flexible and reliable
  • Volunteer at least 6 months after training 

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VIP Attire

  • Volunteers must present a neat, professional appearance, as they are visitors' first impression of Philadelphia and the Airport.
  • The uniform consists of:
    • Volunteer golf-style shirt
    • Blue/black pants or skirt (provided by volunteer)
    • Comfortable shoes (a must, provided by volunteer)
    • Volunteer name tag (provided by PHL)
    • A welcoming smile

How to become a VIP 

  • To become an Airport VIP:
    • Call 215-937-7809 for an application, or e-mail: (Note: some email sources will not be processed (e.g. Yahoo) so please call 215-937-7809 for assistance.)
    • Submit an application to:
      Volunteer Information Program
      Philadelphia International Airport 
      Terminal D, 3rd Floor 
      Philadelphia, PA 19153
  • Attend an interview session
  • Complete a training program, including on-the-job training
  • Complete a background check 


What our volunteers have said

  • "Travelers from France are delighted when I use their language to offer assistance."
  • "Working here is great…the vast array of people is different from other volunteer programs where you are limited to the people you come in contact with."
  • "People are often grateful just for a listening ear or an expression of sympathy when a flight is canceled or missed."

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