Aviation Books

Recommended Aviation Books for Kids

The following is a list of children's books related to aviation. Some of these books may be found at your local library or at your local bookstore. Reading books is a fun way to learn more about the world of aviation.

Title: How Do Airplanes Fly?
Author: Melvin and Gilda Berger
Grade Level: 2 - 3
This book contains color illustrations and is a good short story offering a lot of general information about how airplanes fly.
Title: The Berenstain Bears Fly-It! Up, Up, and Away
Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain
Grade Level: 2 - 3

This is a really cool book with color illustrations. Join the Berenstain kids as they learn about the principles of flying from Professor Actual Factual.
Title: The Magic School Bus Taking Flight
Author: Joanna Cole
Grade Level: 2 - 4

Based on The Magic School Bus TV shows, Ms. Fizzle takes her students on a field trip which turns into a wild adventure.

Title: Up and Away! Taking a Flight
Author: Meredith Davis
Grade Level: 3 - 4

For anyone wanting to know what's involved when taking a flight, this is the book for you. This book shows you around the airport with colorful illustrations and is fun to read with other children.

Title: The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane
Author: Russell Freedman
Grade Level: 4 - 6

The Wright brothers were the pioneers of powered flight. This book includes original black and white photographs, and how they researched and developed their airplane.

Title: Let's Build an Airport
Author: Kath Mellentin
Grade Level: 2 - 4

If you have ever wanted to know how an airport is constructed, this is the book for you. Learn all about the people, machinery, and equipment used in building an airport.

Title: Just Plane Smart
Author: Ed Sobey
Grade Level: 3 and over (with adult supervision)

This book is filled with airplane puzzles, aviation trivia, factoids, and scientific information. Not only are the activities fun, but the reading is interesting.

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