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Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport real-time Flight Information where visitors can check the status of flights that are scheduled to arrive and depart Philadelphia International Airport, search for flights and access information for airlines that operate at the Airport.

Up to date flight information may also be obtained by calling 1-800-PHL-GATE (TDD/TTY: 215-937-6755).

Flight information data is supplied by each individual airline.

Philadelphia International Airport and the City of Philadelphia are not responsible for the content or accuracy of information provided.


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US Airways4094Milwaukee2:44 PMF24ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways798Seattle/Tacoma4:28 PMC31Arrival10:37pm
US Airways4705Norfolk5:20 PMF3ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways3979New York-LaGuardia5:50 PMF1Arrival11:15pm
US Airways3979Pittsburgh5:50 PMF1Arrival11:15pm
US Airways4705Dayton6:05 PMF3Departure8:59pm
US Airways3233Providence6:58 PMC26Arrival8:18pm
US Airways3420Jacksonville, FL7:01 PMA23ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways4320Salisbury7:26 PMF6ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways4042Newark7:29 PMF33Arrival10:35pm
British Airways69London-Heathrow, UK7:40 PMA17ArrivalDelayed
US Airways3929Nashville7:50 PMF26Arrival10:15pm
US Airways4137Ithaca8:00 PMF4Arrival9:15pm
US Airways3806Newburgh-Stewart, NY8:00 PMF3Arrival9:19pm
Delta Air Lines2394Atlanta8:16 PMD4ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways1817Baltimore8:20 PMC25DepartureDeparted
US Airways3911Milwaukee8:24 PMF33Departure10:26pm
US Airways3937Norfolk8:24 PMF3Departure9:37pm
US Airways9281New York-LaGuardia8:25 PMC21Arrival8:58pm
US Airways4154Erie, PA8:29 PMF16DepartureDeparted
US Airways2899Louisville8:29 PMF28Departure8:45pm
US Airways2024Pittsburgh8:30 PMB13DepartureDeparted
US Airways3420Toronto8:30 PMA23DepartureDeparted
US Airways702Frankfurt, Germany8:40 PMA21DepartureDeparted
US Airways417San Diego8:40 PMC24Departure9:15pm
US Airways738Lisbon,Portugal8:45 PMA11DepartureDeparted
US Airways1795Charlotte, NC8:45 PMB9DepartureDeparted
US Airways839Orlando8:45 PMC30Departure9:35pm
US Airways4046Quebec City8:45 PMA2DepartureDeparted
US Airways3769Ottawa, ON8:45 PMF31Departure10:05pm
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