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Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport real-time Flight Information where visitors can check the status of flights that are scheduled to arrive and depart Philadelphia International Airport, search for flights and access information for airlines that operate at the Airport.

Up to date flight information may also be obtained by calling 1-800-PHL-GATE (TDD/TTY: 215-937-6755).

Flight information data is supplied by each individual airline.

Philadelphia International Airport and the City of Philadelphia are not responsible for the content or accuracy of information provided.


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US Airways529Sacramento6:24 AMC17ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways543Boston7:55 AMA21ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways3376Columbus, OH8:45 AMA13ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways1958Phoenix8:45 AMA15Departure9:34am
Southwest Airlines1358Chicago-Midway8:50 AME11ArrivalArrived
US Airways3270Washington-Reagan8:55 AMB16ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways1822Baltimore8:59 AMB6ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways1826Los Angeles9:05 AMA20ArrivalAt Gate
Delta Air Lines2484Detroit9:06 AMD14ArrivalAt Gate
United1670Chicago-O`Hare9:07 AMD13ArrivalArrived
US Airways487Charlotte, NC9:07 AMC20ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways487Baltimore9:07 AMC20ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways3948State College P9:09 AMF33Departure9:45am
US Airways3972Greenville/Spart. SC9:09 AMF13Departure10:00am
US Airways4171Islip9:12 AMF17ArrivalAt Gate
Southwest Airlines133Chicago-Midway9:20 AME11DepartureDeparted
Southwest Airlines133Nashville9:20 AME11DepartureDeparted
United3331Washington-Dulles9:22 AMD9ArrivalArrived
US Airways3877Lexington, KY9:25 AMF30DepartureDeparted
Delta Air Lines1478Atlanta9:28 AMD12ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways4086Toronto9:30 AMF31DepartureDeparted
US Airways771San Juan, PR9:35 AMA22DepartureDeparted
US Airways3499Raleigh/Durham9:35 AMB11DepartureDeparted
US Airways3406Hartford/Springfield9:35 AMC31DepartureDeparted
US Airways4243Harrisburg, PA9:36 AMF21ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways2750Richmond, VA9:36 AMF28DepartureDeparted
US Airways543Dallas/Ft. Worth9:40 AMB5Departure10:10am
US Airways1991Chicago-O`Hare9:40 AMA12DepartureOn Time
US Airways3306Albany9:40 AMC23DepartureDeparted
US Airways3452Manchester, NH9:40 AMC18DepartureDeparted
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