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Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport real-time Flight Information where visitors can check the status of flights that are scheduled to arrive and depart Philadelphia International Airport, search for flights and access information for airlines that operate at the Airport.

Up to date flight information may also be obtained by calling 1-800-PHL-GATE (TDD/TTY: 215-937-6755).

Flight information data is supplied by each individual airline.

Philadelphia International Airport and the City of Philadelphia are not responsible for the content or accuracy of information provided.


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Southwest Airlines1409Portland, OR12:45 AME12ArrivalArrived
Southwest Airlines1409Chicago-Midway12:45 AME12ArrivalArrived
US Airways797Tel Aviv5:49 AMA19ArrivalOn Time
US Airways555Salt Lake City5:59 AMC20Arrival5:48am
US Airways607Las Vegas6:01 AMA8Arrival5:51am
US Airways434San Francisco6:07 AMB15Arrival5:54am
US Airways782Los Angeles6:07 AMC30Arrival6:42am
US Airways2026Phoenix6:13 AMA11Arrival5:59am
US Airways686Denver6:17 AMA10Arrival6:25am
US Airways1834San Diego6:30 AMB4Arrival6:50am
US Airways1713Seattle/Tacoma6:35 AMA22Arrival7:00am
US Airways1724Raleigh/Durham6:35 AMB10ArrivalOn Time
US Airways6049Newport News6:37 AMF22ArrivalOn Time
US Airways4117Allentown6:37 AMF34Arrival7:09am
US Airways4015Syracuse6:39 AMF38ArrivalOn Time
US Airways6183Salisbury6:45 AMF12ArrivalOn Time
US Airways5998Ithaca6:45 AMF21ArrivalOn Time
US Airways3999State College P6:47 AMF27ArrivalOn Time
US Airways6113Williamsport, PA6:47 AMF20ArrivalCanceled
US Airways4110Buffalo6:48 AMF15ArrivalOn Time
US Airways3992Albany6:52 AMF35ArrivalOn Time
US Airways5837Pittsburgh6:53 AMB8ArrivalOn Time
US Airways3931Rochester, NY6:53 AMF35Arrival10:32am
US Airways1909Boston6:54 AMC22ArrivalOn Time
US Airways6181Erie, PA6:55 AMF2ArrivalOn Time
US Airways5872Manchester, NH6:55 AMB2ArrivalCanceled
US Airways6040Elmira/Corning, NY6:57 AMF19ArrivalOn Time
US Airways517New York-LaGuardia6:58 AMC21ArrivalOn Time
US Airways4036Washington-Reagan6:58 AMF7ArrivalOn Time
United1428San Francisco6:59 AMD3Arrival6:56am
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