Pet Ports

Seven specially designed animal relief areas are located on the Departing Flights road and outside the bag claim buildings. The Pet Ports were created to provide appropriate facilities for service animals traveling with passengers as well as pets and Airport security canines.

The Pet Port areas vary in size from 250 to 600 square feet. A four-foot high fence with a latching gate contains the areas. The interior has a 4-inch deep mulch surface, a bench, faux fire hydrant, biodegradable pet waste bag dispenser with receptacle, and a concrete dog paw print. Some areas contain landscaped beds along the exterior perimeter of the fence and a concrete sidewalk to exit the area. The facilities have been designed to accommodate animals and ensure that the Airport grounds are properly maintained.

The Pet Port areas are located:

On the Departing Flights Road

• Between Terminals A-West and A-East;

• Between Terminal B/C ticketing and the Airport Communications Center;

• After Terminal E;

• After Terminal F.

On the Arrivals side

• Adjacent to Terminal A-East bag claim along the Arriving Flights road;

• Adjacent to Terminal B bag claim along the Commercial Vehicle Roadway;

• Adjacent to Terminal E bag claim along the Commercial Vehicle Roadway.

Pet Ports