Economy Lot

Economy Lot Parking

The Economy Lot is the most economic option for long-term parking with a daily flat rate of $11.00. Located just past Terminal F on the Airport Departures Road, the Economy Lot has convenient entrances on the Airport Departures Road past Terminal F (take the first exit and follow the signs to Economy Parking) and at the intersection of Island and Penrose avenues (from I-95 North, take Exit 13 to 291 West, bear left, then follow thru to the first traffic light; from I-95 South, take Exit 15 and turn left at the first traffic light).

Daily Flat Rate (includes all taxes/fees): $11.00

Shuttle buses operate 24 hours between the lot and the terminals.

Oversize vehicles that are unable to enter the garages due to height limits (6 feet) are welcome to park in the Economy Lot.

Buses, trailers, semis and vehicles over 9,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are not permitted in the Economy Parking Lot.

For security reasons, vehicles must be parked with the license plate facing the drive aisle in Airport parking facilities.

More information on Airport parking can be found on the Philadelphia Parking website, For assistance, call the Parking Authority Airport Operations Division at 215-683-9842. Questions, comments and suggestions can be emailed to:


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