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Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport real-time Flight Information where visitors can check the status of flights that are scheduled to arrive and depart Philadelphia International Airport, search for flights and access information for airlines that operate at the Airport.

Up to date flight information may also be obtained by calling 1-800-PHL-GATE (TDD/TTY: 215-937-6755).

Flight information data is supplied by each individual airline.

Philadelphia International Airport and the City of Philadelphia are not responsible for the content or accuracy of information provided.


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British Airways67London-Heathrow, UK4:20 PMA17ArrivalDelayed
US Airways754Los Angeles4:39 PMB15ArrivalAt Gate
American Airlines132Dallas/Ft. Worth5:50 PMA3Arrival8:30pm
Frontier Airlines1277Orlando6:20 PMA14DepartureDelayed
US Airways3958Albany6:35 PMF7Arrival9:35pm
American Airlines132Dallas/Ft. Worth6:35 PMA3Departure9:00pm
US Airways3914Greenville/Spart. SC7:20 PMF3ArrivalArrived
US Airways1795Dallas/Ft. Worth7:28 PMB14ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways5163Cincinnati, OH7:29 PMF38ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways5163Charlotte, NC7:29 PMF38ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways5076Dayton7:34 PMF37ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways4737Allentown7:35 PMF19ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways3802Lexington, KY7:46 PMF26ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways3732Memphis7:50 PMF3Arrival9:40pm
US Airways4059Milwaukee7:52 PMF32ArrivalAt Gate
United267San Francisco7:53 PMD11Arrival8:29pm
US Airways4889Norfolk7:55 PMF4Arrival10:39pm
US Airways4535Kansas City7:55 PMC27ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways4791Charlottesville8:08 PMF14Arrival8:57pm
US Airways3929Washington-Reagan8:10 PMF3Departure9:15pm
US Airways5122Richmond, VA8:11 PMF39ArrivalAt Gate
US Airways5106Akron/Canton, OH8:24 PMF37DepartureDeparted
US Airways3822Greensboro, NC8:24 PMF34DepartureDeparted
US Airways3945Columbia, SC8:24 PMF13Departure9:30pm
US Airways4420Jacksonville, FL8:29 PMA12Arrival9:15pm
US Airways5058Dayton8:29 PMF11Departure8:49pm
US Airways3783Milwaukee8:29 PMF26Departure9:08pm
US Airways492Dallas/Ft. Worth8:30 PMA18Departure8:40pm
British Airways69London-Heathrow, UK8:35 PMA17ArrivalDelayed
US Airways4492Hartford/Springfield8:35 PMC22DepartureOn Time
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