Terminal E
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist Kristin L. Deady is intrigued by the illusions and perceptual phenomena associated with optics -- glass, mirrors, and lenses. Glass impacts our daily perception of the world. Its transparency is an instrument for observation, a window through which to observe. Glass lenses correct vision, enable us to view microscopic objects, and objects far away. A glass mirror is a looking glass – a reflection of ourselves and others. Its reflective nature expands space, sometimes seemingly to infinity.

Deady has said that “the lens and the mirror allow us to observe the unobservable.” In reality, what we see is a distortion, a misrepresentation, but our knowledge and our ability to reason counteracts this visual deception. 

In Deady’s installation, that features more than 400 shallow mirrored orbs, she has created an optical adventure. Each glass element was individually hand-blown, cold worked (ground and cut), and has a reflective mirror coating applied to its interior.

The multiplicity of the glass is mesmerizing and always changing as the mirrored elements reflect the Airport’s on-going activity.

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