Joseph Messina
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Joseph Messina

Senior Advisor

Joseph Messina, Senior Advisor
Philadelphia International Airport | Northeast Philadelphia Airport

Joseph F. Messina is currently Senior Advisor to the Executive Team for PHL/PNE and is also the airport’s Integrity Officer. Mr. Messina is responsible for the Airport Advisory Board, Safety department, local government affairs and continues as liaison with the City of Philadelphia Law Department and Risk Management Divisions, along with relations with neighboring jurisdictions and strategic initiatives.

Previously, he was appointed Deputy Director of Aviation for Regulatory Affairs in June of 2016. He has also served as Acting Chief Administrative Officer from January through June of 2018. In those roles, he was responsible for federal and state regulatory issues and compliance, enterprise risk management, safety, air cargo development, air service development, liaison with Risk Management and the Law Department, relations with neighboring jurisdictions, and strategic initiatives.

Mr. Messina served as General Counsel to Philadelphia International for 18 years from 1998 through June of 2016. Mr. Messina holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. Joseph’s University, an MBA from Temple University, a Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law, and a Master of Laws in Taxation from Temple University School of Law. He is a member of the Legal Steering Group of Airport Council International-North American (ACI-NA) and served as a past Chair of that group. He is a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

In 2015, Mr. Messina received the Joseph I. Mulligan, Jr. Distinguished Public Service Award from the International Municipal Lawyers Association. Mr. Messina co-authored the article “Emerging trends in airport-airline use and lease agreements in the USA,” which was published in the Journal of Airport Management, Summer 2016 edition.

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